What We Offer

There are several options for patients who are local to the Westchester/Fairfield areas. The first step in helping a patient or client is to establish the needs and wants.


After a thorough history and examination, proper tests will be recommended. These tests may be traditional lab tests and imaging, yet more advanced tests may be added. These advanced tests are often to identify food intolerances, allergies, digestive function, vitamin and mineral status, hormone tests and more.


Often times once the tests are performed, we begin lifestyle changes as patients are most often excited to begin their journey to health, wellness and feeling better. These lifestyle changes are typically changes in diet, exercise, stress reduction techniques, and more. The most often overlooked aspect of health by not only traditional doctors, but functional medicine doctors is the brain.


At Dr. Giudice Associates we do further functional evaluation to see what areas of the brain and nervous system can be enhanced. In an adult, most of us have room for enhancing brain. Enhancing brain is not only related to diet, but other sensory modalities. For example the medical literature over the past few years is riddled with papers indicating that immune function, digestive function, mood, and others are enhanced by stimulating the vagus nerve (or more appropriately vagus nuclei). If you are unfamiliar with this, it is the main parasympathetic system which is located in the brainstem. In our office we use a number of modalities to gently stimulate the vagus system.


At Dr. Giudice Associates we use not only techniques/technologies that are new but ones that have stood the test of time. With a background in manual medicine, sports chiropractic, kinesiology and functional neurology I use many manual techniques to not only stimulate the brain but to make you feel good and mobile. It is critical to have your joints and muscles as mobile as possible for the health of your joints and brain. The brain receives most of its stimulation from movement of muscles and joints.


Once we customize a program for a patient, we begin care and course correct as we go. It is often best to see a patient in office 1-3 times per week if it is possible. It is also necessary for a patient to be part of the process by following the prescribed home exercises (typically 5-20 min per day), diet recommendations and take prescribed supplements.


Healing and health improvements is a process and not an event which is why most programs that we prescribe are based on time. Some programs are 3 months and some are 12 months. There are circumstances where we prescribe a small group of visits as well. These small group of visits is for injuries and for non-local patients or people on a very short timeline or not as severe of a condition.


Ultimately, we make the best recommendation for you based on your history, exam and tests and you make the decision on what program best suits you based on your time availability as well as finances.