Client Testimonials

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Client Testimonial

I started coming to Dr. G because of multiple pulled muscles from my sport. Once I started seeing him the pulls stopped and he has helped keep my body functioning at the high level required for a division 1 collegiate athlete. I’ve never looked back! 

Emily - College Athlete

Dr. G has amazed me with his programs and he has been right on target with my health issues – thank you. And, Alexis & the girls has been great too. She is very supportive and has helped me tremendously with weight loss. 

Carla Catanzaro

As the father of two teenage athletes, Dr G has been indispensable. He has next level knowledge that has been a tremendous asset with regards to treating injuries, training and nutrition. He’s the absolute best I have worked with in this area. Personally, Ive been going to Dr. G for years, and he’s been a critical factor in my overall health and wellness. Particularly with regards to general wellness and prevention. Much, much more than general chiropractors, he can really change your life.

Ron Wechsler

Dr. John Giudice has alway impressed me with his ever growing knowledge and his vast array of techniques to best treat all my health needs. He doesn’t treat the symptom, he treats the root of what causing me health problems. Dr. Giudice and his staff are very kind and professional, yet they treat me like family.

Jaime Daugherty

Simply put, Dr. G rocks! I have spent my life as a dancer, now educating undergraduate dancers in becoming the most efficient they can be in their own movement practice. In other words, I am familiar with human anatomy and injury prevention. However, in this teaching, all my efforts go to my students by default of time. With this and other stressors in my life, I sought Dr. G for the very reason that he believes in integrative health care, a practice that believes in finding the root cause of pain/symptoms, not just treating the point of manifestation. Dr. G not only relieves musculoskelatal issues at each visit, which feels like a minor miracle in itself, he also helped me to rewire my entire gut from issues that had been bothering me for years. I am indebted to him for his uncanny ability to “see” so much. It is years of practice in the sciences of the body that makes this possible, but to leave it at that would not be doing him justice. There are many who study to do the same. There is no question that Dr. G has a special gift, and I am forever grateful to be one the recipients of that gift.

Katie Langan

I first saw Dr. Giudice a few years ago for weight loss and chronic fatigue and joint pain. Working with him and his staff, I learned how to eat to live and got into terrific shape. I also suffered from migraines and had auto immune issues which he helped me alleviate. There was a period after this that my life became extremely stressful, and I stopped taking care of myself. When I woke up in the mornings I found myself in pain, my migraine’s increased, and I couldn’t fit into any of my clothes. When I was ready to get better, without any hesitation, I went right back to Greenwich Integrative Health. They couldn’t not have been more understanding, and got be right back on track to where I’m feeling in control of my body and my life again!

Phyllis Lindy