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August 19th, 2019    |     0 Comments

Exercise This Body Part to Help Your Brain

Math problems and crossword puzzles seem like a logical way to boost your brain but getting up from your chair and using…

August 12th, 2019    |     0 Comments

Flossing Your Teeth and Strokes

You probably heard common stroke-prevention strategies like regular exercise, more greens in your diet, minimizing your stress and keep inflammation at bay.…

August 5th, 2019    |     0 Comments

Do You Have a Weak Immune System or Are You Toxic?

We can’t avoid toxins nowadays. Even if we eat all organic foods, drink filtered water, and use non-toxic home and body products,…

July 29th, 2019    |     0 Comments

A Free Strategy to Help Anxiety and Depression

Depression and anxiety came into the lives of millions of Americans as unexpected guest. Sending them in search of relief. Some found…

July 29th, 2019    |     0 Comments

Chiropractic Adjustments Can Strengthen Muscles?

Spinal manipulation helps to decrease pain and improve the functional abilities related to many musculoskeletal disorders through a multi-layer mechanism of action.…

July 22nd, 2019    |     0 Comments

Chiropractic Adjustment Outperformed Stretching For Neck Pain

Repetitive use, postural issues, or trauma often introduces myofascial pain and restricted range of motion as we’ve observe on our patients suffering…

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