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August 12th, 2019    |     0 Comments

Floss your teeth daily to reduce your risk of stroke

You may be familiar with common stroke-prevention strategies: Exercise regularly, eat plenty of vegetables, minimize stress, and keep inflammation at bay. But…

August 5th, 2019    |     0 Comments

How to reduce your toxic burden and protect immunity

We live in a sea of toxins and we all carry significant amounts of heavy metals and environmental toxins in our bodies.…

July 29th, 2019    |     0 Comments

Depressed & anxious? Volunteering reduces symptoms

Depression and anxiety are hitting all-time highs these days, sending millions of Americans in search of relief. While many avenues reduce or…

July 29th, 2019    |     0 Comments

Chiropractic Spinal Manipulation Alters TMS Induced I-Wave Excitability and Shortens the Cortical Silent Period

Spinal manipulation has been well-documented to decrease pain and improve the functional abilities related to many musculoskeletal disorders through a multi-layer mechanism…

July 22nd, 2019    |     0 Comments

Your gallbladder can cause gut and health problems

People tend not to think about their gallbladder unless gallstones become a painful and debilitating problem requiring surgery. However, your gallbladder could…

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