Athletes Health

Many people come to us with athletic injuries and stay because top athletes see the value in keeping their balanced and healthy. An important part of our job is to not only evaluate areas that have been injured but also patterns of movement that may have led to imbalances in the first place.  


Our Functional Neuro-Orthopedic Rehab approach is ideal for not only the High School athlete looking to play at the next level but also for College Athletes home for school breaks as well as the Weekend Warrior who simply wants to be able to play golf or tennis at their best level possible.

Male Golfer Lining Up Tee Shot On Golf Course
As the father of two teenage athletes, Dr G has been indispensable. He has next level knowledge that has been a tremendous asset with regards to treating injuries, training and nutrition. He’s the absolute best I have worked with in this area. — Ron Weschsler
I started coming to Dr. G because of multiple pulled muscles from my sport. Once I started seeing him the pulls stopped and he has helped keep my body functioning at the high level required for a division 1 collegiate athlete. I’ve never looked back! — Emily D

We strive to get people back to the sport they love as soon as possible, yet we are not a quick fix. We only work with athletes who are committed to getting not only out of pain but to regain function.


The best care should not be limited to professional athletes. We believe you deserve the best care whether you are a professional hockey player or a parent bringing in your 11 year old for a post concussion syndrome.

We will likely be a good fit for each other if you :

  • Want to stay fit, active or competitive, but feel held back by a chronic nagging pain.
  • Think outside the box.
  • Are open to re-education and eager to learn.
  • Are willing to do what it takes to feel and perform better.
  • Are seeking support for a chronic pain condition or injury that keeps you from activities you love.