Chiropractic Adjustment Outperformed Stretching For Neck Pain

Repetitive use, postural issues, or trauma often introduces myofascial pain and restricted range of motion as we’ve observe on our patients suffering with neck pain. Spinal manipulation has established the ability to reduce pain, increase range of motion, and decrease muscle sensitivity. However, the study of the effects of both HVLA (high-velocity low amplitude) spinal manipulation was done in random. Although, the results showed that both stretching and manipulation can provide positive effects on pressure pain threshold levels. In addition, the manipulation group had significant improvements in range of motion. Our experience combining two modalities, manipulation and stretching, provided us with fantastic results for patients suffering from neck pain.

“Spinal manipulative therapy has been associated with onset of LTP (long term potentiation) at both spinal and supra spinal levels.”

“Previous studies have also found a reduction in inflammatory cytokines and pain mediators in surrounding joints after manipulation.”

“This study demonstrates the effectiveness of HVLA thrust manipulation at the CT junction compared to manual stretching of the upper trapezius in increasing pressure pain thresholds in the upper trapezius and improving range of motion.”

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